Friday, August 21, 2009

The Weekend.

Hey! Hey! Hey! How did your week go? Big plans for the weekend? I'll be in full relaxation mood, attempting to gain strength for my big re-debut back to work on Monday. Oh, the life of a college newspaper adviser -- gotta mold the the future Bob Woodwards before they turn to the dark side and morph into Glenn Becks! Eeeek!

Anyway, check out the Top 5 Blogs I Love this week...

The Faux Trixie: I went to high school with this amazing girl. I admired her "speak-your-mind" attitude then and I still admire it today!

Viewtiful_Justin: I worked with this awesome guy on our school's newspaper in college. He's a true writer that I admire!

Live It, LOVE It: A hilariously honest gal; I highly recommend her TMI Thursdays!

My Husband Is Annoying: I just found this blog, but this woman is hilarious!

Ophelia's Webb: So many great gems here!

And as always, here are some great links from around the Web this week...

Beautiful butterflies!

Pretty Little Pictures: This gal is adorable, plain and simple!

Hsven't you always dreamed of living in a French castle in the countryside?

For some reason, I've been really into sweets this summer

I've always dreamed of going to a county fair

An entire Web site devoted to retro '70's wallpaper

Interesting piece on blogging and anonymity

There's nothing like a beautiful bar of soap

How inspiring is this Feel Good Cheat-Sheet?

What are you favorite children's books?

I love The Lovely List

Sparkly, flashy sequins

Be sure to savor these last cool summer nights

More awesome vintage dresses - I'm partial to the green one

Checklist: 12 signs you'll live to 100

Cute animals

Have you tried the new Limited Edition M&M's Coconut?

Craig Wilson, one of my favorite columnists who writes for USA Today on the beauty of bare feet

A hilarious Buffy vs. Edward video

I finally saw Lars And The Real Girl - loved it!

One of my many weaknesses (besides sweet candy): online shopping sites

Running through this meadow would be so calming

Looks like Sting is tamer than we thought

Who says romance is dead? Not this beautiful, amazing couple

Note to future husband/boyfriends: I honestly would get weak in the knees (in a good way) if you gave me a calculator for my birthday. How sexy is that?

A great list of some great Generation Y blogs